New to our catalog of distributed titles is this hard-hitting collection of 1970s funk. Courtesy of the lads at Milwaukee's Lotus Land Records comes Darwin's Theory, a raucous dose of heavy funk from an unlikely source. In 1978, Darwin Jones, a Los Angeles-based session player for the likes of Sly Stone and Ike Turner, recorded an album's worth of material with musicians from his hometown of Tulsa, Okla. Jones had recruited former bandmates from his old groups - Job and The Program Band - and flew them to California for recording sessions at Stone's home studio in Santa Monica. The project resulted in an assemblage of lively, dance-friendly songs. Full of propulsive rhythm tracks and smooth vocals, there is an unmistakable joyousness throughout the material. For three decades, the songs languished in obscurity until Lotus Land met with Jones, who had possession of the original tapes. Nearly all the songs - "Accept The Truth" was released in 1978 as a limited-run demo 45 - on Darwin's Theory were previously unreleased, and Lotus Land is offering an initial run of 1,000 CDs and 500 LPs. The CD includes all 17 songs Lotus Land discovered on Jones' tapes, and the LP features eight of the funkiest cuts.

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