Darwin's Theory Release 

New to our catalog of distributed titles is this hard-hitting collection of 1970s funk. Courtesy of the lads at Milwaukee's Lotus Land Records comes Darwin's Theory, a raucous dose of heavy funk from an unlikely source. In 1978, Darwin Jones, a Los Angeles-based session player for the likes of Sly Stone and Ike Turner, recorded an album's worth of material with musicians from his hometown of Tulsa, Okla. Jones had recruited former bandmates from his old groups - Job and The Program Band - and flew them to…

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New CD Release 

The new CD is out. It's not online yet, I will let you know when it is.

New CD Release 

Darwin&Nadine;Jones "He's Been Good To Me" Finally Complete. Our first cd together will be on the market in two weeks. Watch for sample on the music page.

New CD 

We are working on our new CD. We will feature The Payne Sisters on two selections.(My wife's sisters) The CD is 75% ready.

New Release 

The song "Accept The Truth" and songs by Program Band are getting ready for release on Lotus Land Records label. Program Band Is my old band from back in the day.(70's)